Acoustic Solid

Acoustic Solid 

Acoustic Solid was founded in 1997. Under this label, record players, luxury record players and tonearms in the high-end turntable segment are developed by hand in a real manufacturing plant, then manufactured and marketed worldwide. At the time it was called E. Wirth Partnership, after one of the founders who began mechanical production of his turntables in his basement and the adjoining double garage of his parent’s home. The final turntable assembly was carried out in the hobby room of the founders Karl and E. Wirth.

Just two years later in 1999, the founders began to look for a property suitable for manufacturing high-end record players. They found the right place in the year 2000 in the neighboring town of Altdorf, Germany. In late autumn the construction of a residential and corporate building began, which they moved into in August 2001. At the same time, in 2000, Wirth Acoustic Engineering GmbH was established. While the turntable engineering company was still moving into the building in Altdorf, sales and distribution agents came to visit from Hong Kong.

Due to the exceedingly positive response of Wirth turntable equipment owners, the press began paying attention to the company and the first test reviews of its record players followed. This led to the company entering the international turntable market in 2002. In 2006 further expansion was necessary at the factory because the level of orders was so high, as well as the acquisition of larger machinery on the company property. 2006 was also a highpoint for the town of Altdorf, as both the economic minister at the time and H. Pfisterer, the fraction chairman of the FDP in the German state parliament of Baden-Württemberg, came to visit the company. 

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