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Benz Micro LP S MR MC Phono Cartridge

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Benz Micro LP S MR MC Phono Cartridge

The latest LP S incorporates a higher mass brass frame for improved coupling to tonearms, evolved ruby square plate generator and Ebony body. Brass, an alloy of copper and tin, complements Ebony, materials used for building musical instruments. The LP S has 50% more mass than the previous model for enhanced vibrational and resonant characteristics, thus revealing greater dynamic contrasts, deeper bass and increased resolution from all records. The latest LP S Class was the first Benz Micro to use the new Micro Ridge stylus, now found on all Benz Micro Swiss-made cartridges.

Manufacturer's website BENZ MICRO SWITZERLAND


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Benz LP S-Class Specifications
•Output: .36mV
•Stylus: 5x120µm
•Impedance: 38 ohms
•Loading range: >400 ohms
•Weight: 16g
•Compliance: 15cu
•Tracking force: 1.8-2g

"6 Moons" Online Review

“I don’t think we yet have developed the language to capture what the Benz itself does…” “The longer you listen to the cartridge—and the more it warms up—the more revealing it becomes in the sense of warmly inviting you in to listen more deeply to the textures, harmonics, and little subtleties that make up the basic foundations of the music itself.”

“Everything you hear reproduced by the LP S-MR is translucent.” – Harry Pearson, "The Absolute Sound"

“First, yes, there has been a changeover with the LP S. Benz has gone to a micro-ridge stylus (thus the “MR”). Second, so far I think the Benz LP S-MR is one of the two or three best cartridges I’ve had in my system. It is outstanding.” – Jonathan Valin, "The Absolute Sound"

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"STEREOPHILE" Class A Recommended Component , review below:
Weighing a relatively heavy 16.4gm and with an open-construction body of aged ebony on a brass frame, the LP S moving-coil cartridge is ideal for use in tonearms of medium to high mass. Its generating system includes a 0.28mm-diameter cantilever of solid boron; a nude, mirror-polished, line-contact stylus; and a square plate-coil system of jewel-grade ruby. The LP S offered smooth treble, a supple bottom end, and “profoundly well-developed instrumental textures,” for a sound that leaned toward romance, said MF. It lacked, however, the tightly drawn images, sharp transients, and exceptional transparency of the Ortofon MC A90. (Vol.32 No.12)

"HI FI News" Magazine Review;2490/9606/