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Acoustic Revive WS-1 Room Acoustic Conditioner

Quick Overview

Highest grade silk without a side effect on sound quality
Chemical fiber is used in most of high-end room tuning materials surface on market.
By using chemical fiber, it difficult to avoid side effect, such as peculiar sound.
Even if there are effects such as diffusion and sound absorb, many user may hada experience of having the feel of sound becoming poor. This is because of material used on the surface.
WS-1 uses only highest grade silk material from Hasegawa store, which is the largest
silk wholesale dealer in Japan.
Silk in the only fiber that has random cellular tissue, so it does not have a outbreak ofpeculiar sound and an incidental sound.WS-1 give you extremely smooth and warm tome by the help of superior diffusion effect.

Light weight and compact! Install it in any kind of place
WS-1 is easily installed onto the wall, because of it is extremely light weight and compact.
Not to mention, on ceiling and small space such as back of rack mount.
On the back of WS-1, there is velcro tape. As soon as after purchase, it is easy to install on to the wall by using this velcro tape.

Flat frequency characteristic by special low repulsion urethane foam
Inside the WS-1, we adopted the special low repulsion urethane foam for extremely fat sound absorbing characteristic across a wide range of frequency.
Glass wool, carbon paper wool and polyester has an uneven sound absorbing characteristic.
Instead, WS-1 has a very even sound absorbing characteristic. This makes sound from the speaker very natural.


Acoustic Revive WS-1 Room Acoustic Conditioner


2009 SUMMER Visual Grand Prix

2006 Audio Excellence Award

2006 Visual Grand Prix