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Acoustic Revive RUI-1 LAN Isolator

Quick Overview

Principle and structure

The PC noise that was impossible to control - until now.
The main cause of sound deterioration with PC based audio is the huge amount of noise generated by the PC.
PC noise is constantly flowing into the audio system not only through the power supply line of the PC, but also through the signal and power supply line of the USB cable.
Even if we isolate the power supply of the PC via a noise-cut transformer or drive the PC by battery(DC power), the noise generated by the PC itself is freely flowing into the audio equipment through the USB cable which greatly deteriorates the sound quality.

100% PC noise cut !
For the signal line an IC developed by Analog Devices(USA) is used which is normally employed to prevent any malfunction of medical equipment, and for the power line we selected the latest IC which is far superior in noise removal than the original IC of Analog Devices.
As a result, we succeeded in removing the PC noise through both of the signal and power lines to NANO level ? Let’s say 100% !
Currently, there is no other way to completely cut PC noise, the sound improvement by totally removing PC noise is staggering. You can experience for yourself the super low-noise and a precise sound images on a transparent sound stage.

Our USB-1.0SP (with separate A-connectors) is also applicable
As two A-terminals are available on the output side, the A-terminal discrete type USB cable like our USB-1.0SP is also applicable.
RUI-1 also has a remarkable effect when using normal USB cables as well. However, further sound improvements can be obtained by using our USB-1.0SP or USB-1.0PL cables as there is no interference between the signal and power lines.
Details of USB-1.0SP are here:

A-connector discrete type is also available upon order.
For the RUI-1 It also is possible to have A-Connector discrete type cables like our USB-1.0SP.
By eliminating the mutual interference in the USB connector with separate outputs from PC, further improvement in S/N ratio, distortion, noise level and sound energy is achieved.

Vibration/noise control facilities in the main body as well
To improve vibration control for the inner circuit, RUI-1 is equipped with natural quartz washers for fixing the PCB.
In addition, to eliminate the noise generated from the PCB of RUI-1 itself, we have used Green carborundum inside the body which eliminates noise by converting it into heat energy.
In addition, to eliminate the noise generated from the PCB of RUI-1 itself, we have used Green carborundum inside the body which eliminates noise by converting it into heat energy.

Up-grade version capable to USB-2.0 is scheduled
Please note that RUI-1 is at the moment not applicable for USB-2.0 equipment, however, we are going make an upgrade for USB2.0 as soon as USB2.0 support IC is available.
However, RUI-1 is perfectly applicable to music sources up to 24bit/96khz and the effect of 100% noise-elimination is excellent. High-resolution software and internet music sources based on 176.4kHz or 192kHz are still seldom seen on the market, and besides, it is difficult to realise their original performance considering the current noise-filled environment of PC audio.
By completely eliminating PC by the use of RUI-1, it is possible to achieve an equivalent or even better sound quality with 96kHz or with conventional 16bit/44.1kHz CD format as well.



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A special version with separate A-connectors is available upon order.
※RUI-1 is currently not applicable for USB-2.0 equipments.

 2012 Visual Grand Prix
 2012 Audio Accessory Excellence Award Grand Prix
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