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Accustic Arts Mono II Mono Power Amplifier

Quick Overview

Accustic Arts MONO II Monoblock Amplifier

Reference class mono power amplifier
12 selected MOS-FET output transistors of finest quality
Magnetically shielded and encapsulated toroidal core transformer of premium quality for highest output reserves
Maximum total transformer power: 1200 VA (watts)
Optimum smoothing thanks to more than 80,000 µF power supply capacity; Premium quality capacitors (“Made in Germany”)
Very high damping factor for perfect speaker control
Professional protective circuit against clipping, HF oscillations and too high DC offset
Constant low operating temperature due to generously dimensioned heat sinks
Balanced input (XLR) and unbalanced input (RCA) – the inputs are switchable on the rear panel
All used parts and components are selected and of highest quality
Premium quality, gold-plated bi-wiring / bi-amping speaker terminals
Mains power switch on the front panel
Extremely stable and resonance optimized, massive aluminium housing; inlay made of massive, high gloss polished and chromed brass
ACCUSTIC ARTS® MONO II is “Handmade in Germany”

Manufacturer's website ACCUSTIC ARTS


Accustic Arts MONO II Specifications (per piece):
Voltage gain: 31.0 dB
Total transformer power: max. 1200 VA (watts)
Power supply capacity: more than 80,000 µF
Input impedance: balanced (XLR): 2 x 20 kΩ unbalanced (RCA): 100 kΩ
Rated power output: max. 700 watts on 2 Ω max. 500 watts on 4 Ω max. 300 watts on 8 Ω
Rise time/fall time: 3.0 µs with 4 Ω load (square-wave 20 kHz, 12 Vpp)
Crosstalk: 111 dB with 1 kHz
Signal to noise ratio: -104 dBA (ref. 6.325 V)
Intermodulation distortion: 0.007 % with 10 watts on 4 Ω
Distortion factor (THD+N): 0.0012 % on 4 Ω load with 1 kHz and 10 watts
Power consumption: approx. 100 watts (without load)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 350 x 240 x 430 mm/13.8 x 9.4 x 16.9 inches
Weight: approx. 25 kg / 55 lbs.

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a devastatingly good (and ultra-reliable) stereo system. It is nimble and powerful and, above all, Artful." - The Absoulte Sound  (January 2015)

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